Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fiery Trials

"Affliction hardens those it does not soften." ~ Charles Spurgeon
How true this is! Sometimes affliction makes us humble, pliable, trusting; other times it angers, confuses, and hardens us. Why? Is it the nature of the affliction? Or the state of our hearts? Can trusting God make that much of a difference?
Yes, I believe it does. Knowing that God is sovereign over all takes fear and doubt out of the equation. The pain is no less real, the trial no less strong. But trusting the hand of a Loving Father gives strength, courage, and confidence-- even through unbelievable human tragedy.
When we realize that not one molecule has, is, or ever will be outside of God's control, then we can trust and not be afraid...
Last night I spoke to Desire Witvoet on the phone. She is a lovely young lady with a birthday coming up next week (I think she'll be 23) After going through so much in just a few days, she was still able to smile, laugh, and consider others above herself. As I spoke to her, I thought of my favorite quote by John Newton:
"Notwithstanding any present dark appearances, it shall certainly be well with the righteous... God can and will make crooked things straight; and He often produces the greatest good from those events which we are apt to look upon as evil." (John Newton, More than a Calvinist)
Even after losing everything in a fire on Monday morning, the Witvoet family is so thankful that all are alive and well. The Red Cross gave them 3 nights in a hotel there in Murfreesboro, but they have to find other arrangements today. Also be praying for them as they meet with the owner of the house today. (They were under a rent-to-own contract)

The Lord was gracious and allowed me to find a good church in that area from the NCFIC website. Gladly taking my call, the Pastor of Eagleville Baptist went out and met the family, praying with them and giving them some much needed assistance. What a wonderful thing is the family of God!

I cannot express how grateful I am to all of you who prayed, shared this on facebook, sent cards and gifts, collected clothes, etc... There are still many needs; but the outpouring of love from the saints in just a few short days is such a blessing! Thank you!

Rose and Desire Witvoet, just before the fire

 I now have a phone number for the Witvoets, but would rather not share it here. Please send me an email or facebook message if you would like to call. They have truly enjoyed all of the encouragement they have received already.

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." (John 13:35)

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  1. If you know the Witvoets will you consider sending them a picture of your family and any other pictures you have that they may want? I just found, scanned, and printed over 100 photos that they will enjoy. I realize that it doesn't make up for what they've lost, but its a start. (And even if you don't know the Witvoets, I know they would love to get a card and/or photo from you.)