Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reformation Day Skit

Nearly five hundred years ago, Medieval Europe was shrouded in darkness. Then, on October 31, 1517,  a simple monk nailed a massive theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg, Germany and exploded a powder keg which would later be known as "The Reformation."
Martin Luther nails his 95 theses to the Church Door

For Reformation Day this year, I wrote a short script for the young people in our church. It is about 10 minutes long and is in a Reader's Theater style to limit memorization. If anyone would like to use and adapt it for your own Reformation Day activities, please feel free to do so. The link is below. Parts can be combined, some even eliminated, for smaller groups.


Do you celebrate Reformation Day in your home or church? If so, what are your favorite traditions? We're planning to make Diet of Worms Pudding Cups. Here are some other favorite activities we have done in the past.


Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts and ideas on the skit, games, or activities. I love adding new things each year as we delve even deeper into the Reformation and the profound effect it had on Christendom and the culture.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All I Want for my Birthday!

Tomorrow is my birthday, so says the calendar. But how do I know that this is really true? I have a piece of paper that says so in black and white, followed by a fancy seal, but can I really trust that old document? It was typed by some clerk in Tennessee whom I have never met, so how do I know that it is accurate? My parents assert that it is. For 34 years they have claimed that I was born on September the 13th. But if my parents' memories are anything like mine, then how do I know for sure?

Okay. So I'm being a little ridiculous. I know. But after having spent far too many hours engaged in debates over the existence of God, the pseudo interrogation above is completely relevant...

Since the beginning of time, God has revealed Himself to us in Creation, in His Word, and in the law that He has written on our hearts; and yet mankind increasingly and venomously attempts to deny what is plainer than the nose on their face.

If there is no God, then there are no absolutes, so I really can't know anything... I think??? Which means that I might not have been born at all, so this whole birthday thing is completely irrelevant. Matter of fact, if I wasn't born at all, then you aren't reading this blog post! (Don't worry about wasting your time on here... it isn't happening!!!)

All this to say, my girls and I put together an itty-bitty video promotion for the Proof of God Conference in Orlando, FL. I know we don't have much chance of winning, but we won't even be entered to win if our video doesn't reach 1,000 views by September 26th. So, instead of wasting your time wishing me a "Happy Birthday" when we aren't really for sure that it is my birthday, will you consider hopping over to YouTube and watching and/or sharing our little video? We would appreciate it ever so much!

Brigitta wants to know, "Where do you see the proof of God?"

For more information you can check out this amazing conference for yourself:

Proof of God Conference


Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Excellent Wife (part 1)


(Discussion of Chapter 1; headings 1-3)

In the first three sections of her book, Martha Peace gives us her testimony and explains how she came to know Christ. Contemplating her story, I am struck by the mercy of God and the manner in which He saves souls, even belligerent ones! Not one testimony is identical. None of His children are convicted and converted using the same methods, for there are no cookie cutters in the Heavenly Kingdom. This should be such an encouragement to those of us who are witnessing to controversial family and friends. With God, all things are possible!

Martha was a full-blown feminist and did not even hesitate to throw the Bible at a friend who read to her about being a submissive wife. She was hostile to her Christian friends and sought satisfaction in drinking, partying, and various forms of entertainment. But fearing what a trip to a psychiatrist would do to her career, she finally agreed to read the Book of John and visit the church her friends attended. One night, as she was reading, the Holy Spirit opened her eyes to see her selfishness and, as she confessed her sins, He was faithful to forgive.

Being raised in a Christian home, my testimony is much different, but there are a few similarities: I knew and believed everything the Bible taught about submission, but my heart inwardly rebelled against it. I wanted to be independent and conniving but submissive too!  Another similarity is the venom that I released upon my sister when I was under conviction of sin. And the way the Spirit hit me between the eyes with His Word, revealing my false motivations for seeking Him.

Lately there seems to be an epidemic of people who try to use God as a cosmic vending machine, putting in their quarters and getting angry when He doesn't vend exactly what they request. Many walk away and never look back, confident that He doesn't exist. Some beat the doors of Heaven and eventually lapse into despair. Others continue to pour in their quarters, their tithes and good works, foolishly believing that it will earn them entrance into eternal bliss.

Martha and I were both in the second group. We beat the doors of Heaven and would have lapsed into permanent despair if His Spirit had not convicted us of our false motives and then shined the Light of the Gospel on our cold, dead hearts.

Every conversion story should end with a changed life, for that is the very essence of conversion. And, although Martha admits that she still fails miserably at times, her heart has changed drastically and she now desires to be the excellent wife described in the Scriptures.

I also desire to be that excellent wife. To honor my husband and my Lord with my submission. To die to self and live for Christ. To be a testimony of God's grace and redemption by the way I think, speak, and act.

If you have the same desires; whether you are single, married, divorced, or widowed, I invite you to join me on a trek through this excellent book.

"Who can find a virtuous woman? 
For her price is far above rubies." (Prov 31:10)

Next time: 

Finish Chapter One (headings 4-10)

Previous post:  The Excellent Wife

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace

Am I the only wife who is very nervous about reading this book by Martha Peace? Having heard so much about it, I have often claimed that I would obtain a copy "someday," but someday for me is almost as futile as grasping a rolling ball that is just beyond finger reach.

Then, a few weeks ago, while scrounging for costumes at a local thrift store, I came upon a bookshelf with a sign that read, "All Religious Books Free." With a bit of a snicker, I checked out the shelf, assuming the religious books it contained were probably not worth their ink and paper.

Lo and behold, I was greeted by a familiar title. As I seized upon the book by Martha Peace, it was with suprise, gladness, and a twinge of fear. While I feel my shortcomings so keenly, I do desire to be an excellent wife to my Beloved.

Today I started my journey into her book and plan to blog about the things I'm learning so as to digest them better. If you have a copy and would like to join me, I'll be discussing the first three headings of Chapter One tomorrow.

Even if you don't have a copy, please feel free to join the discussion. I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this book as we contemplate it together.
"Martha Peace, a Biblical counselor of women, has written an Excellent Volume. Not only does it explain what God requires of a Christian wife, but it explains clearly how to obey God's commandments in order to become that wife. Get it, read it, and profit from it."  ~Jay E. Adams

Friday, April 20, 2012

Faithful in the Small Things

"Felicity, put on your shoes!"

While Mommy flopped around the house like a headless chicken trying to get everyone out the door for a day of shopping, five year old Felicity was outside, entranced with nature-- as usual. If it isn't the bugs and the butterflies, it's slugs, turtles, or honeybees. Yesterday it was the tiny purple flowers that grow in the yard.

"Issy, your shoes!" This from the doorstep. No acknowledgement from the field. In a hurry, I turned away and began brushing little sister's hair. Then Felicity walked through the door with a bright smile on her face, holding a sweet bouquet of delicate purple flowers.

But Mama wasn't happy because Felicity was still barefoot. "Issy, I don't want your flowers. I want your obedience!"

Even as I uttered the words, I regretted them. Mostly I regretted the harshness of my tone. And watching her sweet smile dissolve instantly was like a knife-wound to the heart.

Sinking to my knees in front of her, I explained softly, "I'm sorry, Issy. I didn't mean it like that. I do want your flowers. They are very beautiful. But I want your obedience first. Put on your shoes and then you can pick the prettiest bouquet ever!"

Instantly the smile returned. And I have never seen a child don shoes so quickly!

For the rest of the day I pondered this. How many times am I just like Felicity? I want to do something to please the Lord, but I'm not honoring Him in the small things to which He has called me. I struggle with the menial tasks of housekeeping, homeschooling, and child training; yet rush off to please Him with "big" projects. When will I learn to be faithful in the small things?
"He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much." Luke 16:10

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beauty for Ashes (Witvoet Update)

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning!" Psalm 30:5

When I received word that our very dear friends had lost their home, and everything in it, to a fire early February, I was devastated. Honestly, I don't think I would have cried any harder if it had been my house that went up in smoke. I wanted to do everything in my power to help them, but being so far away made me feel so helpless.

Seizing upon a thought, I went to you, my readers, facebook friends, and church family. In the spirit of brotherly love you responded in an overwhelming way. I cannot adequately express my gratitude, or that of the Witvoet family, towards the love shown to them by so many. Every time I talk to any of the family members, they express sincere gratitude and humility towards the outpouring of love that they have received from so many-- even people they have never met. Through it all, their attitudes have been so encouraging to me. I know they must have their good days and their bad days, but every time I speak with them I hear only praise and thanksgiving. What a testimony that is!

After doing time in 3 different hotels, the family was finally able to find a rental property with ample acreage for their farm animals. It is also quite close to their home, so the treks back and forth are not as difficult. Although I assume they will be rebuilding the homestead, I am not aware of any definite plans at this time.

To those of you who donated with the Pay Pal account on my blog, I just wanted to let you know that I am having so much fun purchasing curriculum for them tonight! Since they are now in a more stable situation, and eager to resume their studies, it gives me great joy to locate some much needed items for them! (Besides, curriculum shopping is just SO much fun!!!)

The Lord has truly turned sorrow into joy and has graciously poured out His mercy upon this fiery trial-- through the love and generosity of His people. ~Soli Deo Gloria!

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, 
the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; 
that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, 
that He might be glorified. (Isaiah 61:3) 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Horizons (Part 3)

I wrote this the evening we returned from San Antonio, but with my internet down I've been unable to post it... until now.

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home...

Finally in their own beds, my precious ones sleep; but before joining them I wanted to take a few moments and reflect on the past week...

When we left for San Antonio, I was unsure of God's purpose in sending us. Although mortal man can never fully comprehend the ways of God, I do believe, in retrospect, that this week was a test. And I believe I passed.

From the time I was small, my life has been one of big dreams-- but little action. I love to plan, to devise, to scheme; but I don't work diligently at the details. This is something I have repeatedly excused as not pertaining to my personality, (I'm not a detailed person) but God calls us to be faithful in the little things and not to despise the day of small beginnings.

When I was terrified on Monday morning and overwhelmed to the point of tears, I believe it was because I finally met people who were accomplishing the things of which I have merely dreamed. But instead of being daunted by that fact, my beloved husband encouraged me to use the opportunity to learn all I can from those who do know what they're doing.

Further complicating the week was the fact that my family came with me on my trip. I wanted them there. But as a potential film maker, I also needed to network with other film makers. For the entire week, my attention was torn. If you ask my Mom, she'll tell you that I have always wanted to be where the action was. When something was happening, that's where I could be found. But this trip was different. As much as I enjoyed the Academy and the Film Festival, in truth I wanted to be with my family, because I truly wanted to share the experiences of the week with them. The night before the Film Festival started, we had planned to go out to eat, but all three of the girls were sick. I was not disappointed like I would have been in the past. Instead, it was joy to spend the evening loving and nurturing them.

The rest of the week was insane, as Thom and I tried to juggle the care of 3 sick girls and the movies that we each wanted to see. But I truly delighted in the time spent with my family and I realize anew that my place is with them. That doesn't mean that we won't make a film. I hope we do. But I think I finally got my priorities right. My identity is not found in my drama class, or my productions, or any film that we may possibly make some day; rather my identity is in Christ, so I am thrilled to be right where He wants me-- at HOME. 
I am so thankful my family could share this with me!
Meanwhile, we will continue to pray for His guidance and seek His wisdom regarding the possibility of making films. There is still so much I want to share with you...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Flame On

Tonight I was going to share with you the story of how my sweet husband helped me overcome my fears so I could really enjoy the Film Maker's Academy, but there's another story that I can't get out of my mind.

At the film festival this afternoon, the girls and I went to see a super-cute documentary about Monarch butterflies. Since Felicity wants to be a "butterfly trainer" when she grows up, I thought it might be helpful. It was great! The only problem was that Brigitta had forgotten to bring her pink blanket, it was nap time, and Daddy was upstairs watching a guy film. After crying repeated for her lovey, she finally fretted herself to sleep... about 30 seconds before the credits rolled! (This is not an exaggeration!)

Usually, after one movie ends, the theater attendant gives the movie makers an opportunity to speak and take questions from the audience, and I was excited about meeting the family that made the film. But time was short so the next one started playing almost immediately. I didn't know what to do. Thom was expecting us to meet him at the hotel, but the girls were getting wrapped up in the new story. I had a sleeping 3-year-old and a cumbersome carry-on bag. There was no way we were getting out of the theater gracefully! Especially from the front row.  Well, I figured I'd just let the girls watch a few minutes of the movie and then leave when they got bored. What I didn't expect is that I would literally be riveted to my seat...

The story playing was a 40 minute documentary of the Jasper family's experience with a tragedy that none of us wants to even imagine, the death of a precious child. Drawing on the Scriptures, it examines God's sovereignty and our responsibility, while pointing to the grace and mercy of a loving Father. I wept uncontrollably. When Cooper's tombstone was shown, I noticed instantly that he shared a birthday with our Brigitta-- today he would have been 8 years old. As if I wasn't already crying enough, I could not restrain the sobs, knowing that this precious family was grieving and missing a piece of themselves today.

Walking out of the theater, the last thing I expected was to come face to face with the Jasper family and to have them hand me a free copy of their DVD. I was speechless with grief. Yet there they were, testifying to God's love and mercy. As though I had known her all my life, I embraced Melanie Jasper and wept. Then I promised her that we would pray for their family every year on this date. When we celebrate the birth of our little one, we will remember the one that they lost and pray that his story "Flame On" will be an inspiration and encouragement to many.

"There are no words to describe how we hurt. But God's sovereignty and His character do not change. He is still a good God. We knew that intellectually, and now we know it experimentally." ~J.J. Jasper
Cooper and his Daddy

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Horizons (Part 2)

When we left Pensacola on Friday afternoon, I was confident that the God Who had provided for our journey would accompany us every step of the way. But the fear of the unknown was heavy. While I may come off as a confident person to those who know me, in truth I am full of insecurity, so venturing into a brand new world like this was simply terrifying.

After chasing the mailman furtively around the neighborhood for a package, which ended up containing the wrong cord to our GPS; and then going back to the house for something I forgot, we were finally on our way! Accompanying us to San Antonio was our friend, Matthew Sample, an incredible Graphics Designer and computer genius. (Very brave soul!)

That first night we drove to Louisiana and it rained the whole way. Drenched from a week's soaking, Mom LeBlanc's yard was like a rice paddy as we sloshed to the door carrying the girls. All night long it rained! Then, the entire trip to Houston on Saturday was nothing but rain, rain, rain! (Some day I would like to hear a logical explanation as to why people drive even more crazy when its raining, but suffice it to say that, after a few very narrow incidents, we are miraculously alive and well!)

Sunday morning had its own challenge as we headed north of Houston for church. Of course, the GPS refused to work. Stopping at McD's for a WiFi hotspot, we discovered that the internet was down. Now what? Should we have church in the car on our way to San Antonio, or continue north praying the GPS would find the signal before we passed our exit? After contacting a few friends and messing around more with the GPS, we finally arrived at Grace Family Baptist Church where Voddie Baucham preaches. His message on Daniel 1 was incredible, and very timely, as he reminded us that Daniel and his friends were not primarily educated by the Babylonians. They were trained at home. And that training provided them for the unimaginable horrors they endured at the hands of the Babylonians. "Don't go to Babylon for training" Voddie warned, "Only by godly training can we withstand the ways of Babylon." Following a fellowship meal at GFBC, we were on the road to San Antonio.

It was 6 PM when we arrived at the Marriott Hotel, and by then the butterflies in my stomach were doing all kinds of circus performances. (Yes, I do get nervous.) As we made our way to the front desk, I passed a familiar face and turned to look. (Is it just me or do you find it strange when you've only seen someone on screen and then finally meet them in person?) Thankfully, the 3D version of Isaac Botkin is just as pleasant and confident as his screen presence, and his sincere welcome helped quiet the anxiety of my heart (a little). Within an hour I would meet his mother, Victoria, and find her company such an encouragement and blessing.

But that didn't keep the butterflies away. Early the next morning I was totally and completely daunted by the size of the crowd that was gathered outside the Hidalgo Ballroom, waiting for admission. I'm still not sure how many students were present at the Film Makers Academy this year, but it was at least twice as many as I expected. Standing around with their Mac computers and sleek iPads, I literally felt as insignificant as a smudge on a page. How I wished I had not come!

(to be continued.....)

(I was sitting in the far right when this was taken, so I doubt you can see me.)

This is Mine!

"There is not one square inch of the entire creation about which Jesus Christ does not cry out, 'This is mine! This belongs to me!'" - Abraham B. Kuyper

Among the many themes taught in this year's academy, this one seems to be prevalent. Whether we are cooking a meal, working a mundane job, writing a book, or making a film, we are called to be stewards of God's time and to render all things to His will.

There is so much that I want to share with you all about the things I am learning and experiencing, but my time with my family is already so short that I can't stand the thought of being away from them any longer than necessary. I do hope to keep everyone updated, but for now I want to thank you all for your love and prayers. May the Lord bless and keep you!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Horizons (Part 1)

Tonight I'm sitting in the lobby of the Marriott hotel in San Antonio, TX and am frankly bewildered by the events that brought me here. Yes, I believe in miracles. Yes, God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. But how did I get here? Ever since I first heard about the SAICFF (San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival) I have desired to attend. But I was too practical to let my hopes get elevated.

Thinking back on the events that brought me to this hour, I must conclude that I am here solely by the sovereign plan of God...

In September, as I finished writing our stage play for Greasy the Robber, I began to have an overwhelming desire to produce it as a film. True, I love stage plays. I'm comfortable with them. But they lack a certain realistic quality that films possess. Prayerfully considering this, I was shocked when my husband agreed that we should turn it into a movie. Scarcely daring to dream or pray, I knew how much I would be blessed by the Filmmakers' Academy and Film Festival in San Antonio. Fearing that my request was selfish, I did utter one prayer asking God to reveal His will to me-- but more importantly, to my husband.

Ten days later, I was contacted anonymously by someone who wanted to pay my registration to the Academy and Festival. I was shocked! It isn't that I didn't believe God could answer my prayer, but I didn't expect that He would.

Through an unusual series of events, not only am I sitting here in the lobby of this hotel, but my family is upstairs sleeping in a beautiful hotel room paid for by another precious family.

I know that I shouldn't be surprised when God performs according to His nature; blessing His children exceeding, abundantly, above all they could ask or think, but I am humbled and overwhelmed by His direction and grace. As I anticipate tomorrow's class, it is with an excited terror. I don't know what God has in store for our family, but we look forward to broadening our horizons this week, as we explore the art of Christian film making and seek His guidance for our place in it.

May He receive all the praise, and honor, and glory... 
for He alone is worthy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Update on Witvoet Family

The Witvoets have moved to the Ramada Inn a little closer to their house. They plan to be there for a whole week while looking for a good place to rent. As we spoke this morning, Angi wanted me to thank everyone for the prayers, cards, gifts, and phone calls. They welcome them all! Having so many friends and strangers manifesting God's love during this time has been such a blessing. Please feel free to call or write anytime!

Gerrit and Angi Witvoet
PO Box 57
Auburntown, TN 37016
 (615) 444-7400 (Room #122)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blessings that Outweigh Tragedy

 This morning, as I spoke to Angi Witvoet on the phone, I was struck again by the attitude of the family through this very difficult time. After losing their home and everything in it to a fire on Monday morning, Angi sincerely assured me that "the blessings far outweigh the tragedy."

It's true that they watched their home go up in smoke. Many precious items were incinerated. But they escaped with their lives and they are SO thankful.

Since the fire, they have been blessed in many ways by family, friends, and strangers. Many of my readers have sent cards and gifts, some still on the way. And the prayers of the saints have lifted and encouraged this family in their time of need.

Currently, my mom and little sisters are in Murfreesboro with the Witvoets and were able to bless them today with some much needed items. The church that I contacted on Wednesday has also given assistance, even paying for them to have an extra night in the hotel while they're looking for a place to rent. And one of the firemen who came to the site noticed that he and Gerrit wore the same size shoe and so he blessed him with a pair boots. (When you're size 14, boots aren't that easy to come by.) Other locals have helped also, and the calls they have received from friends and strangers have blessed them immensely.

From Pensacola, I am trying to do what I can to help, but it's hard being this far away. However, just the increased traffic on my blog has been such an encouragement to me; for I realize that if everyone who comes to this site will just pray for the Witvoets, they will be blessed beyond measure!

On Thursday I was able to send 4 packages to the Witvoets. In just a short amount of time, we were able to put together two boxes of clothes; one box of books, including brand new Bibles which Mount Zion donated for all the children; and a manilla envelope stuffed with cards, letters, and pictures. Lord willing, we will be sending another box this Thursday, so if you're local and would like to donate some items, please let me know!

When asked by relatives what he would have rescued, had he been given the chance to save one thing, young Benjamin replied, "I would have saved Papa's briefcase and his keys." After it was explained that he was to pick something special that he wanted to save, Benjamin persisted, "I would still save Papa's briefcase and keys, because they were important to Papa and so they are important to me."
Even in the midst of tragedy, there are wonderful blessings, special moments, and extraordinary grace...

 Isaac, Gerrit, Grady, and Benjamin before the fire

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fiery Trials

"Affliction hardens those it does not soften." ~ Charles Spurgeon
How true this is! Sometimes affliction makes us humble, pliable, trusting; other times it angers, confuses, and hardens us. Why? Is it the nature of the affliction? Or the state of our hearts? Can trusting God make that much of a difference?
Yes, I believe it does. Knowing that God is sovereign over all takes fear and doubt out of the equation. The pain is no less real, the trial no less strong. But trusting the hand of a Loving Father gives strength, courage, and confidence-- even through unbelievable human tragedy.
When we realize that not one molecule has, is, or ever will be outside of God's control, then we can trust and not be afraid...
Last night I spoke to Desire Witvoet on the phone. She is a lovely young lady with a birthday coming up next week (I think she'll be 23) After going through so much in just a few days, she was still able to smile, laugh, and consider others above herself. As I spoke to her, I thought of my favorite quote by John Newton:
"Notwithstanding any present dark appearances, it shall certainly be well with the righteous... God can and will make crooked things straight; and He often produces the greatest good from those events which we are apt to look upon as evil." (John Newton, More than a Calvinist)
Even after losing everything in a fire on Monday morning, the Witvoet family is so thankful that all are alive and well. The Red Cross gave them 3 nights in a hotel there in Murfreesboro, but they have to find other arrangements today. Also be praying for them as they meet with the owner of the house today. (They were under a rent-to-own contract)

The Lord was gracious and allowed me to find a good church in that area from the NCFIC website. Gladly taking my call, the Pastor of Eagleville Baptist went out and met the family, praying with them and giving them some much needed assistance. What a wonderful thing is the family of God!

I cannot express how grateful I am to all of you who prayed, shared this on facebook, sent cards and gifts, collected clothes, etc... There are still many needs; but the outpouring of love from the saints in just a few short days is such a blessing! Thank you!

Rose and Desire Witvoet, just before the fire

 I now have a phone number for the Witvoets, but would rather not share it here. Please send me an email or facebook message if you would like to call. They have truly enjoyed all of the encouragement they have received already.

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." (John 13:35)

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012



I will be sending a box to the Witvoet family on 2/9 and 2/16 if you would like to include something. Here are just a few ideas:

Games (their favorites are Dutch Blitz, Uno, and Monopoly)
Books (wholesome family stories age 10-adult)

Here are their clothing sizes, for those that asked:
Boy pants- 12, 16, 30/34, 34/36
Boy shirts- 12, 16, Men's Small, Medium, and Large
Boy Shoes- 6, 10, 13, 14, 11
Girls Dress- 4, 6, 10/12
Girls Shoes- All three of them wear size 8-1/2 or 9

The Witvoets are home-educators, but I don't know what they need in regards to schooling. I'm sure crayons, markers, pencils, etc... would be really helpful. Hopefully, I can get a list of curriculum needs later, when things have settled a bit. I do know that they love Spunky Math, as well as Rod and Staff. Grade levels probably 5th-10th. Since the kids love to learn through reading, Children's Encyclopedia's or other reference type books would be ideal.

Witvoet Family (a few days before the fire)

If you would like to send a card and /or gift, please send it to the address below:

Gerrit and Angi Witvoet
PO Box 57
Auburntown, TN 37016

Monday, February 6, 2012

Update on the Witvoets

UPDATE: Red Cross is putting the family up at a hotel in Murfreesboro, TN for a few days, while they try to get things sorted. The family is still in shock, but they are praising God for His mercy in sparing their lives.

Here are the before and after photos that Gerrit's sister just sent me:


If you would like to send a card and /or gift, please send it to the address below:

Gerrit and Angi Witvoet
PO Box 57
Auburntown, TN 37016


Here are their clothing sizes, for those that asked:
Boy pants- 12, 16, 30/34, 34/36
Boy shirts- 12, 16, Men's Small, Medium, and Large
Boy Shoes- 6, 10, 13, 14, 11
Girls Dress- 4, 6, 10/12
Girls Shoes- All three of them wear size 8-1/2 or 9

Prayers for the Witvoet family

This morning we were grieved to hear that our very dear friends, the Witvoet family in Murfreesboro TN, lost their house to a fire last night. As devastated as they must be right now, they are praising God for His mercy in sparing their lives and their 6 children. Angie had the presence of mind to grab her purse on the way out the door, and the children rescued their dogs and parrots, but they lost everything else-- including the keys to their truck.

Although no official report has been released, the Witvoets believe the fire to have started in their newly-purchased wood stove.

Some of my friends have requested that I set up a Pay Pal account to donate money to these precious friends, as they try to re-build their lives after this great loss. If you would like to contribute, you may do so here, on my blog. Or if you would rather send them a card/gift, I will update this post tomorrow with mailing info.

But most of all, we would appreciate your prayers.Our God is a very present help in trouble.

The Witvoets with our Joanna (6 years ago)