Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All I Want for my Birthday!

Tomorrow is my birthday, so says the calendar. But how do I know that this is really true? I have a piece of paper that says so in black and white, followed by a fancy seal, but can I really trust that old document? It was typed by some clerk in Tennessee whom I have never met, so how do I know that it is accurate? My parents assert that it is. For 34 years they have claimed that I was born on September the 13th. But if my parents' memories are anything like mine, then how do I know for sure?

Okay. So I'm being a little ridiculous. I know. But after having spent far too many hours engaged in debates over the existence of God, the pseudo interrogation above is completely relevant...

Since the beginning of time, God has revealed Himself to us in Creation, in His Word, and in the law that He has written on our hearts; and yet mankind increasingly and venomously attempts to deny what is plainer than the nose on their face.

If there is no God, then there are no absolutes, so I really can't know anything... I think??? Which means that I might not have been born at all, so this whole birthday thing is completely irrelevant. Matter of fact, if I wasn't born at all, then you aren't reading this blog post! (Don't worry about wasting your time on here... it isn't happening!!!)

All this to say, my girls and I put together an itty-bitty video promotion for the Proof of God Conference in Orlando, FL. I know we don't have much chance of winning, but we won't even be entered to win if our video doesn't reach 1,000 views by September 26th. So, instead of wasting your time wishing me a "Happy Birthday" when we aren't really for sure that it is my birthday, will you consider hopping over to YouTube and watching and/or sharing our little video? We would appreciate it ever so much!

Brigitta wants to know, "Where do you see the proof of God?"

For more information you can check out this amazing conference for yourself:

Proof of God Conference



  1. Happy birthday! I need no further proof of God than that you exist. :-)

    1. Ah, but do I? How do you know that you really even met me in Atlanta? I may have been a figment of your imagination!

    2. Impossible. I don't have any imagination to speak of.

    3. That, I very much doubt! Your entertaining blog posts would say otherwise.

  2. Aw, Happy Birthday! I love your video:-)