Friday, October 22, 2010

Cherish Every Moment...

I was having a difficult day with the girls yesterday; mainly being overwhelmed by housework. When I awoke this morning, this song was stuck in my head and I wanted to share it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Teach a Kid to Cook

As a teenager, I can remember grimacing every time I heard an exasperated parent utter the phrase, "Stay out of the kitchen, until you learn to cook!"

While their children would scurry away in fear, my mind would reel with the obvious question, as I tried to bite my tongue. Once, it was too much for me. Rounding off on the astonished mother, I demanded, "How in tarnation are they going to learn to cook-- if they aren't in the kitchen?!"


Finally, I understood how difficult it is to get anything accomplished with little ones under your elbows all day long! It's so much easier to pop in a DVD, or send them to the playroom; anything for some breathing-room! But one day, I stopped to consider what I was attempting to accomplish: What are my primary goals anyway?

Sure, cooking, cleaning, and laundry are important. (Did I mention dish-washing?) But these never-ending jobs aren't my primary focus. As a Mom, I am a teacher, even if I don't know half of what I should. As a teacher, what am I conveying to these little ones? Are my "chores" a burden; or do I use them to bless my family? Am I simply "doing my duty" or do I view them as teaching opportunities? Just what am I trying to accomplish?

"Give a kid some food, and you feed her for a day;
Teach a kid to cook and you feed her for a lifetime."
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