Monday, August 1, 2011

Ah-Ha Moment #1

Freezer Froggie:

When Freddie the Frog first came to us, he was just your ordinary beanie baby. Cute and loveable, for an amphibean, he was also soft, furry, and filled with squishy beads. Felicity fell in love!!! Pretty soon, the two were inseperable, until the day I found "Freddie the Frog" freezing in the fridge. So I called Felicity, "Why is your froggie in the fridge?"

Her smile was priceless as she squeezed her furry friend, "He was hot, Mama." Instantly, her grin widened as she felt his cool body, "See, he feels much better now." The next thing I knew, she was placing him against my skin. I was surprised at how cool he was, so I put him against my forehead. The headache that had been nagging me all day was abated. That's when the moment hit me! My "Ah-ha moment", that is.

I've worked in day care, babsat, and taught school; I've been around children all my life. And, with children, come all the inevitable bumps and bruises of everyday life. But, although each school/day care has their own way of handling minor injuries, I've never seen a cold-pack that kids like.

As Felicity trotted off to play, I tossed Freddie into the freezer. Later that day, his services were required for the first time. Of course, Felicity was the victim. As I pressed her cold friend to her forehead, Felicity smiled, then laughed outright and hugged him onto her bo-bo. In a few seconds she was good as new and Freddie returned to the freezer for another day.

Now the girls get him down by themselves to "fix" their sisters. I'll hear a bump and a cry from the playroom, followed by feet running down the hall as someone yells dramatically over their shoulder, "I'm going to get the frog!" Quietly, I resume my work because I know that, unless it's really serious, Freddie will make everything OK.  
His official name is Smoocy, but we call him, Freddie the Frog